Thursday, 16 October 2014

(Don't you) Step on my steel-toed Boots

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Today was the much-vaunted chocolate show-off day. Thus from an hour before going-home time, parents various invaded our classrooms and we showed off the terrible no wonderful creations that have occupied our minds for the last half-a-term.
This included a chocolate box designed by each of us, a pile of demo sweeties and a wall full of Roald Dahl imagery.
I also brought my literacy book to the table and Bud mentioned my atrosh terib fupin' awful spelling a few times. My Religious Mania book remains empty, haven't recorded any spiritual studies yet.
giant sweets made out of wrapping paper for school workIn the afternoon we paid a dentist nothing at all to confirm that I do indeed have teeth. I did, however, show the ability to plan ahead using retrieved memories and forward planning, by requesting a cheese sandwich before the visit because you can't eat for an hour after the dentist paints the fluoride gel on your teeth.
Most of the evening I spent underlining how much I wanted all the items in the Lego Pr0n catalogue that came through the door, some are as much as £250 and plenty are £160. I have £17, so I kept having to drop really big hints about how much I want everything, and counting my coins loudly to see if I'd missed a £200 coin.

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