Monday, 27 October 2014

Sailing the Seas (not cheese)

child throws tantrum in supermarket aisle get a vasectomy funny advertIt's supposed to be half-term but first thing I drove north through the rush hour traffic and reached the Sailing Club.
Although I'm doing a week of hardcore sailing, the Outdoor Centre is still running the Camp Adventure I've done a couple of times and one of today's Adventurers was Poppy, which was nice.
portsmouth centre watersports and outdoor activities centreI was in a group of 6 'Allo Sailors and I was allocated the Spanish boy as partner, should have lots of experience on his uncle's fishing trawler.
It was a splendid day with warm sunshine and light breezes but once we'd capsized for the 6th time I did have a little cry because it is the end of October and it gets cold in Davy Jones' locker.
We had to eat lunch in our wetsuits and Pedro the Spaniard and I have attained our Stage 1 but we haven't been given a certificate yet. I was tired when I got home in the dark, lucky I've got an hour of gymnastics tomorrow afternoon, that'll teach me. I'd recovered by supper, which is technically group mastication.

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