Friday, 24 October 2014

When Psychiatrists Attack

man falls into sea while trying to get on tv funny
Not only Friday - but Half Term as well! For this we get to wear cheapo Mufti because we expect to get covered in paint for Diwali.
winter log selectionThe workmen have continued their construction of the seating area in the playground and just before kick-out time, were bagging up cut-off end bits of logs to take to the tip. Never one to turn down an opportunity, we begged one of the bags and had to carry it home, but now have several day's worth of log for our fireplace. Reuse, recycle ...
terminator 2 sarah connor nuclear fire recurring dream scenarioWe have now finished our topic and have been given a new one for next half-term: dreamscapes. Thus on the way back home, I explained the plotlines of Terminator and T2 in great detail to Ben to illustrate why poor old Sarah Connor had recurring bad dreams about a nuclear explosion ruining a good afternoon at the swingpark, and why Doctor Silberman didn't believe her. We have to make a little diorama-in-a-box about dreams so that might just be mine, use your psychiatrist here.

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