Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cheeky Monkey (Irritable Jowl Syndrome)

pie chart japanese flag funny mathsGot to work before most of the staff, OK we met them in the car park but still.
I was in a group of 3 today and we did land tacking which is sitting in a boat in the boat park pretending to tack and following procedures in preparation for real sailing in the larger boats.
We did loop-de-loops in the channel and one of the others capsized onto us and I was hit in the head with a boom and I did a reverse roll into the sea.
But it was all good fun, until I realised he'd sent me to work without issuing me with a towel. I had to dry off by jumping up and down.
sky glow over portsmouth tipner lake and motorway bridgeAt gymnastics we even had a fun play part where I made a den with foam walls but Daniel's older sister kicked it down on us which hid us totally.
We thought we'd get a photo of the sun setting behind the motorway which looked a lot better than it sounds last year but the clocks moving back put paid to that idea. The sky-glow from the lights of Southampton really show off the brutal silhouette of that giant crane by the bridge.
For suppertime viewing we chose Groundhog Day and whaddya know, Jof got back from Slimming World and we hadn't done anything, the film seemed to take up a lot of time for some reason.

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