Friday, 3 October 2014

Top Haste by Trike

cheese rolling competition funny faceplant downhill runningToday the first thing we did at school was go back to the park for 2 hours. I could have played rounders or javelin or discus but chose to make a house from autumnal fallen leaves and use the little plastic marker cones to make crowns for Game of Thrones, as you do. Then we made healthy smoothies: banana and summer fruits were popular flavours so I simply used both.
We took Harry home again, this time he had his BMX stunt-bike. All the way home he kept doing stunts on the pavement and crashing into the walls or parked cars but pretending he hadn't.
charter academy portsmouth cycle rackIn the park we knew he'd be faster than us, so we said go on then, do a couple of circuits and meet us at the far corner by the traffic lights. We got there, no sign of Harry. Wandering back through the park, we found he'd gone straight to the skate-park and was doing stunts with the teenagers. Dirty Harry.
Still, we didn't tell on him. I brought home my workbook from the week of healthy living and I spelled Broccoli in 3 different ways on one page and it's got pictures of us all sitting in the zen position waiting for Judo and I managed 29 skips in a minute.
Because the car was at the garage we cycled to swimming and I was faster than the cars in their alleged rush hour. The streets are full of wandering students who don't look where they're going. Earplugs exacerbate this phenomenon.

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