Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Psychedelic Furballs and Sinister Cyborgs

wooden shelter and play area in school playground meon school milton portsmouthonly in australia snake in dry wall of houseStuff Snakes On A Plane, they've just started filming Sharknado 3! I mean, srsly ...? Bring back Celebrity Water Divining ... on Ice!
At school today the men with the little digger are doing trench art of their own by digging a trench around the storm shelter. Looks like they'll make a walled-off area so that non-footballers can eat their lunch in peace.
boy dressed as schwarzenegger Terminator cosplayToday in assembly a small dog tried to perform tricks for us. It couldn't quite do a back-flip and had to be helped up, and when some Year 3 kid made a loud noise it hid behind the piano.
But the Halloween party is what I've been waiting for. My year gets the early shift so maybe next year I'll get to arrive in the dark and really scare people. This time I'll just go around asking for Sarah Connor in a menacing voice, for I am Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.
I walked there and got many admiring glances. The queue outside was full of the usual zombies, spray-painted pyjamas and fairies/princesses darkened to become witches. I stood out somewhat. You know that thing where you shine a laser pen and cats chase the dot? Well, I was just demonstrating the laser-sighting on my assault rifle when some toddler started chasing it.
Anyway, there were a couple of surgeons, a wolverine with only 1 hand, a gloop-monster and an Enderman, but I blew them all away, purely a personal opinion. Loads of people liked my outfit but mostly they wanted to play with my gun. Somehow the event wasn't as good as last year, you couldn't go outside and I hid in the toilet when it came to the put-stickers-on-your-face game because I didn't fancy doing the loser's forfeit. We all ended up doing it anyway (YMCA-style dance with booty-shaking).

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