Saturday, 11 October 2014

Moving on to the past

Jof has a cold. We all have it and coughed and dribbled in unison, what family solidarity.
St Luke's church in Stone Cross was advertising a jumble sale and I've always wanted a jumble so we walked up in the rain to the tune of whose idea was this anyway.
st lukes c of e church hall stone cross polegateInstantly we stepped back in time by 40 years which is something I try not to do, as I'm not qualified to deal with the sadly empty but spacious church hall with pictures of the local Beaver Scout troop and some chaps of limited learning potential and really quite a lot of linen.
Jof was savvy enough to bring up a bag of towels from Nanna's place and in no time, some were sold on to a man who went round sniffing all the towels and sheets. He didn't take the bath mat.
But there was nothing there for me and while they got 4 books between them (Delia Smith's books cost 50p each? Who does she think she is?) I sat at the exit waiting for the egress.
It came soon enough and I posed for a funny by the statue of jesus looking all welcoming and we left for the real activity of the day.
The Sovereign Centre is a big sports place on Eastbourne seafront with swimming pools, gymnasium and stuff. We parked in a really big puddle and got our car park token for 50p and saw a squash court with blow-up ship hosting a birthday party for lots of very excited 6 year-old girls and a burger outlet that we ignored.
The swimming pool was ace. It has a main pool with one waterslide of impressive length and a hosepipe and waterfall and round hot-tub where people were deliberately going round the same way to make the water spin and we jumped in and got told off by the lifeguards.
They do have a wave machine and it looked like 'Ripple Alert' rather than proper wave alert but there was a bit where the water gets shallower so the waves get taller and we dealt with 3 wave alerts and swallowed far too much pool water.
indoor swimming pool flume wave machine diving pool

Then Jof found out that there were 3 other pools. One was a swimming-lesson pool of only 90cm depth and one was a boring going-up-and-down lengths pool so she did some lengths, but the other one was a diving pool with 1.5 metre springboard and 3 metre solid board. I couldn't believe my luck and dived off the springboard and jumped off the top board many times. Bud found some black bricks on the bottom (4 metres deep?) that are probably from the scuba diving classes and brought a couple up to show me but nobody else could get them.
Lots of other kids (all older than me) were rubbish and fat and mal-coordinated and jumped in (or bottled out) in a variety of crap ways and we showed'em! But then I snuck in a bit more waterslide and wave alert and we went back to Nanna's with chlorine-y eyes and emptied the fridge and the bins and loaded up the car.
Jof wanted a final moment alone in the house that represented the last 15 years of her parents' lives so I jumped around quacking and shouting are we ready yet and stuff until she just gave up and we gave the keys to the estate agents and left the area forever, bang, just like that.
At home there was quite a lot of unpacking so I watched 'True Lies' because it's been ages since I'd seen Arnie in action and it got me out of the way.

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