Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Space: Only 24 Hours from Pulsar

percentage calculation funny fail cnn news graphicThe workmen in our schoolyard have dug their trenches giving a nice outline of our new seating area. This is delineated by a row of thick log posts sunken vertically into the tarmac leaving a couple of feet standing proud of the playground: they had a hilarious rubber mallet that was taller than me (but not called Timmy) to bang in the posts.
milton barn in park thatched buildingWe made our chocolates in class today. We used ice cube tray moulds, put in some chopped marshmallow etc and melted a bowl of choc chunks over a boiling water-bath to pour in. The actual designs we made may never be realized in solid form (I invented Roolo, a rectangular milk chocolate block with ruler markings in inches, and Ben invented Ben's ChocStraws which are strawberry shaped sweeties stacked together so you can bite one off at a time) but we printed off our designs.
After the bare minimum of Lego we hit the park and tried kicking the ball up the tiled roof and over the thatched building, Ben can actually manage it.
making a camp den in the park with fallen branchesWhen the JBs arrived we got distracted by a large branch that had been felled by the storm. We dragged it over to the tennis court hedge and built it into a fortress using other fallen twigs, and proceeded to beat the poor old privet hedge with sticks to make an escape tunnel behind.
In this simple way we were profitably and amicably self-employed until the parents got cold and we all went home.

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