Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Gazpacho Soup Day

kryten signed photo from def con 3 nerdageddon convention totton southamptonmobil lube express sign fail funnyWell that was an unexpected start to the day at half past 2 in the morning, when the mythical gods various (they're all mythical) fought each other in a noisy display of cloud-to-earth lightning bolts and thunderous self-applause.
On the way to school we found a trail of pennies. I'm not sure whether someone had laid the trail to capture a coin-hunter, but nobody captured me and I got 14 pennies all off the same pavement. Afterwards we visited Aladdins' Cave which is a charity shop in aid of distressed cats and picked up a couple of picture frames from their heavily loaded basement for my Red Dwarf pictures.
And after gymnastics (still no badge) we watched episode 1 ("The End") of Red Dwarf. I don't understand all of it yet but I will.

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