Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Work I do for Charidee

clearing out a house for charityI had breakfast in Sainsbury's again because it worked out so well for me last time. Nothing wrong with fish fingers for breakfast.
At home we got lots of Nanna's stuff down from the loft and sorted it into Keep, Upgrade the thing we've already got, and Charity. So now we have a better ironing board, stuff in the kitchen, long mirror, that kind of thing.
I like using the 3 inch tape dispenser to seal boxes, maybe I could get a job like Bud's, or maybe I'll actually make something of myself.
Yesterday we had a mystery. One of the mousetraps was missing. Who, we asked ourselves, would take the trap but leave the bait? Is it another of those little mysteries left by the Saturday Night Beer Monster to confuse us all, like the keys in the sink last week? No, it was in fact SuperMouse, which was incompletely dispatched and dragged the trap under the cooker.

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