Sunday, 26 October 2014

The BUPA Great South Run 2014: Human Racing

Well the nice Man from the Ministry gave me an extra hour in bed today for Daylight Savings Time so I took 2 hours to consider it in detail, a tradition for teenagers like me.
But then all of a sudden Bud left us to do his Sunday run 5 hours early and I opted for large omelette breakfast to compensate. Jof insisted I cycle down to abuse him and we almost didn't make it as I like to dawdle and pootle and wander about with my head in the air.
southsea seafront bupa great south run finishers
But then we met up with Elizabeth and we saw Bud trundle past the expensive houses in his 10 mile blur of pain and discomfort (orange shirt) and I was so busy babbling with Beth that we missed BethsDad but then Bud finished and met us and we all went to the other side of the cricket pitch to cheer on BethsDad from the vantage point of the wall outside Lumps Fort. The race itself sounds like a million rubber raindrops on the road.
boy and girl standin on wall in bushBud set off with the big boys and couldn't keep up so had to have 17 walkie-rests and finished in 1 hour 15 which is only 1 minute quicker than last time, BethsDad chopped several more minutes off his time in revenge and everyone's a winner especially when you get a goodie bag with big-ass metal medal.
So we all cycled back and had curried lunch in honour thereof, as you do. We watched the recording of the race to try and see ourselves and I jumped, fidgeted, babbled, climbed and did forward rolls on the sofas the whole way through, don't see why I should be told off, I'm sharing a talent that only kids have.
The afternoon was leisurely spent, my sailing clothes and lunches for next week were prepared and then Jof bogged off to the laundrette all because the lady doesn't love a washing machine with a 240 volt live outer casing, some people, eh.
I have half-term homework which is to make a dreamscape in cardboard with added twiddly bits so he got the cutting and sticking box out of the loft and then we instantly ignored it, because of a garage-related task.
One of Jof's Life Improvements is the purchase of a tumble dryer, and the garage/workshop has been designated as its place. She pointed towards said garage in heroic pose and quoth "Get thee hence into the outer darkness and make me a space in the garage for the dryer and clear it up totally while you're at it" like Queen Boadicea only with more teeth and we hopped to it, I can tell you, oh yes.
boy cutting up large cardboard box in garage clearoutBut garage work is always fun because I get to use the big knife and ditch all of my kiddie toys and the fishing rod we bought in 1977 in South Africa and the rubbish that builds up and I found 4 count them 4 wooden snakes and we made a very good basket of kindling for the living room fireplace. We also destroyed the 2 extra brooms that the builders left behind and broke up the shafts with the 2 1/2 pound lump hammer, resulting in high-speed shards of pointy wood practically killing us but missing our unprotected heads at the last minute. Gosh, life is fun with beer.
Once the bin men come and take away the 8 binbags and vast pile of recyclable cardboard, we might even be able to get a car in there, certainly a tumble dryer. Queen Jof was pleased.

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