Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Madness of Queen Jaffe Joffe

car crashed by safety sign funnyIn school we had to play catch-up on our religious studies because we hadn't done any yet. We had to perform parts of the Diwali story which was good but Oakley and Ines and Ingrid messed about and by the time we got to our performance, OtherBen and I had run out of time.
lego model of big ben towerAfterwards we had a day off. It was wet so we just did Lego: I destroyed everything while screaming at it, he built the new tower which has now turned into Big Ben. Once the roof is on, technically I'll have to enter Ben from beneath, I'm sure he's looking forward to that.
But Dear Followers Martin and Zoe came round to investigate the house. Martin liked all my signed photos of stars, while Zoe negotiated a cleaning contract with Jof, taking on all the jobs that make Jof mad, for we don't want that, do we, children?
It means I'll have to clear my floor of Lego before Zoe comes round to hoover. Do you think I could hire a Lego picker-upper?

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