Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Is this the product of a Marriage twixt Man and Gerbil?

star signings at def con 3 totton southampton chris barrie arnold judas rimmergun fire cloud looks like penis and balls funnyWell, the swirly thing alert on the weather forecast did not augur well for Park Wednesday. So when we brought Ben home from school we Legoed a bit and then stood in the drizzle deciding whether to go out at all. Fortunately we are of sturdy stock and gave it the benefit of the doubt, and were proved right, because it stopped and didn't come back.
tree stump removal after winter stom damageFirst we visited a giant stump from where they'd cut down a tree that was damaged in last winter's storms. Not sure why, but all the sawdust was really whiffy.
We got the bonus of a Poppy and an Erin, with LittleMax as well and got down to football while Pops and Erin had a cartwheel competition. Erin did get stuck in to the footy match a bit but Pops kicks like a girl so they withdrew their services while the autumn wind threw up vortices of flying leaves.
We were just trying to build 2 balanced teams (Ben against everyone else) when the JBs arrived and we all pitched in. When the ball went out of play and an adult returned it, I got very hot and bothered and screamed at the impudent scallywags with far less bad language than I could have used, but I had promised not to talk like Arnie.
Sadly the Bob'n'Ben Bootathon happened again and Ben wouldn't say sorry for being kicked and Bob wouldn't let it go and when I burst into tears for the second time Bud called time on us and removed us from the mix, to enable the others to at least make a go of it.
We continued our epic Lego session good as gold, you wouldn't have known anything had been amiss. BensMum says no footballs in future, for no good seems to come of it.
Later we all watched Red Dwarf episode 2, looks like this is going to be a nightly family-time event as I demanded to watch more.
unfair football tackle

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