Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Gauntlet Thrown (and a Gauntlet Run)

dog please lick my balls for me cartoon funnyThis year I did the Great South Mini-Fun-Run and got a free shirt and finisher's medal. Next year I am in the Juniors (4 1/2 km) and have already bought my ticket. I challenge you all to join me.
So anyway I got to work early and it was rainy so we did do quite a lot of classroom work learning reef knots. I am now qualified to say reefers get knotted.
But we're not allowed to get away with it and went out on the water and capsized and chased a green rubber duck up and down the tidal channel and my partner captured it but just when he was going ner ner ner I've got the duck, he dropped it and another team tacked in and stole it from under our very bowsprit.
pear tree randomly growing at side of the roadI had a great day and shared out all my chocolate M&Ms, even the ones I spilled over the muddy floor because the other boys picked them up and ate them anyway.
On the way out we espied a pear tree by the side of the road and got out and collected 24 free pears because who can resist free food. We put them in the garage on a tray because that's what Grandad used to do.
When we got home we found it all clean and someone had plumped up all our pillows and my bed was all flat and smooth not runkled up in a corner like usual and we found that Zoe the Cleaner had left me a choccie bar and a note saying thank you for tidying my room. Super-bonus! We had a huge roast dinner to celebrate Jof hitting her weight target, a move even I determined was suspect.

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