Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Delirium Tremendous

bavarian beer festival fraulein with beer lego This morning there was a lamentable sleeping-in incident and I earned some afternoon TV for my part in getting us to the school gates on time in just 30 minutes. Maybe I'll ask for some Schrodinger's cake - you can have it and eat it, but you don't know if it's chocolate or carrot until you do.
Today I handed in my homework. While the Forum Moderator helped iron out the turtle-y cramp spelling, the rest of this cut-down version is mine.
Tom, who was a small boy adout 12 years old, most of the time he had spent with his friend Kelly. One day after school, Tom and Kelly had found old, dusty cave in the of a tall hill. The cave had been abandond for years and moss clung to the seeling and the walls were covered in slime.
Sounds like just my kind of place.
We learned Roman numerals. This will be useful for railway station clocks and working out how old a BBC programme is, but not for arithmetic.
one hundred pund note bank of scotlandWe also had one of the regular visits from a priest who made us sing a really catchy song about breaking down strongholds with the infinite power of one of the gods, can't remember if he represented a red hat god or a blue hat god. But in the end even I was singing along, that's how they hook you in with their outlandish beliefs.
In music we actually got to use bows on our violins! Although I have been moved up to a viola. We still make a dreadful racket.
This novelty item is something Jof found at work. I didn't know there was any such thing, might be a surprise if I get it for, oooh, I don't know, a birthday or something.

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