Wednesday, 15 October 2014

When you hear the Air Attack Warning ...

unusual sex positions in toilet cubicleWhat a foggy start to the day! It was as if my brain was full of mist and murk. Normally you have to wait until you're a student for that.
Today was Ben day so we walked home babbling loudly about Lego cannons and grenades filled with crab guts and old men's willies that will fly into your victim's mouth when detonated. Some old dear walking the other way didn't know what to think.
Like last week, the Weatherguessers had predicted a washout for Wednesday Park but you have to give it the benefit of the doubt and we were right again.
Joined by an Erin and a bonus Beth, we played football and climbed and swung in the hanging basket with LittleMax and generally did all those things the Puddle Collective does.
3 forwards attacking one goalkeeperBut some background first. Both Ben and I had severely warned ErinsDad not to interfere in our game of football. He does keepy-uppy when the ball goes out of play and teases us and we got very angry last time. I warned Bud to not even kick it back into play, but to let us retrieve it and put it back in, for only we know whose throw it is.
Bob and Ben had a joint last warning to not get in a kicking-each-other-in-the-willy fight because we always have to go home when it happens. In the end, of course, everyone was absolutely fine apart from me with a tantrum and sulk-under-the-slide combo, when Erin tried to take my hat off during swinging basket time, slight over-reaction possibly. But then the predicted rain did arrive, and we declared it after 45 minutes or so, still worth it.
lego vehicles ready for warBack at mine, Ben and I set up for an epic Lego battle with a series of crack-bang magnificent men in their flying shooting drilling cannoning lasering machines.
But on the way in we found a Lego Xmas 2014 catalogue that had come through the door. So, for several minutes, 2 young men stood in a world of their own leafing through a glossy colour magazine with images of unattainable beauty and desire, going "Ooooargh, look at that" and "I'd like to get my hands on that, woof" etc.
Our actual battle was noisy and once he'd gone I had to clear up the debris of war, took me ages. On the wooden toybox by the window you can see the latest tower taking shape.

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