Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Grand Splashional

Well it started a little slowly for Jof which was something to do with Tequilas apparently. But overnight we'd caught another mouse, making it 3-0 to the mousetraps. We have now run out of Jof's home-made flapjacks which is a blow to future trapping because the little devils really appreciated her cooking.
spanish oak tree by canoe lake southsea seafrontRecently I have discovered the joys of the cafĂ© at Sainsbury's which gets me out of doing the shopping. I took Jof this time for a slap-up fry-up and we were held up for so long that Bud came to collect us having completed his circuit and put the shopping in the car and we still hadn't been served. We were not amused.
But on her work night out last night, she did the counting-up of the bill at the restaurant so came home with £30 more than she started with, even though she'd bought drinks and stuff. This creative accounting was a bonus for me as I got a Lego Star Wars attack platform with 4 minifigures and firing lasers.
Because it was actually sunny (and a hurricane is due to arrive on tits-up Tuesday) we cycled to the seafront to throw rocks. The unkind wind was very strong in our faces and we complained lots but Bud said be quiet. Having inspected the debris thrown up by the tide we were pushed back to Canoe Lake by the kind wind. I climbed a big tree and pretended to be a narcoleptic Ocelot which really takes me back, I can tell you. Jof and I had Magnum ice creams, for we deserve them.
eastney swimming baths southsea promenadeLate in the day was the great Scout swim-athon, a try-out session for getting swimming badges and to see who could be in the teams to compete against the dreaded Scout group that the JoniBobs belong to. The parents have been going on about it for ages, and now is our chance to meet!
We swam. We dived. We messed about. Jof got bored and walked home and Bud tried to teach Ben to dive but he may be a bomber for some time yet. I got Badge #2 and I'm in the team! We weren't allowed pictures of kids in swimsuits so here's the pool which had been full of kids having a laugh just minutes before, honest. Bud forgot my 2 day-old swimming goggles and had to drive back to get them.

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