Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Cannonball Run

Jof went to work again so I got up when I felt like it. We walked through the rain to the barbers where I was left £10 to decide my own haircut, I find Grade 1 the best. I got a lolly as well, bargain.
I wanted to play Lego and I suppose we did, but it took so long to clear up the mess left by successive sessions with Harry and Ben that I only got to add one layer to the tower before lunch.
grade 1 haircut from sids the baerbers milton road portsmouthThen we loitered for ages waiting for the garage to phone and say the car was ready. During this time we had Film Afternoon and the one at the top of the list was 'Cannonball Run'.
It's both funny and dreadful at the same time. Due to my training in films I can now understand the joke "They weren't Fathers, they were Mothers" and the sound was just a little bit divorced from the action but I loved the Hells Angels fight and could follow the storyline but everything is so gloriously Seventies with vast open spaces and hairstyles, empty roads with no Walmarts, gently suggestive remarks and lots and lots of famous faces I don't recognise.
The garage never rang, so we didn't get the car back. Thus while I was willingly abducted by Ben for hours and hours and supper, Bud had to get a driving lesson in Nanna's car so we could go to the Terminator exhibition tomorrow. Ben and I Legoed, mostly, it was ace.

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