Sunday, 7 September 2014

Yipee Ki-Yay, Feather-Plucker

rocks covered in seaweed on shingle beach southsea seafrontWell nobody wanted to get up today. We all lay in bed waiting for the other one to get up first and then Jof and I met on the landing, naked.
In the end Jof had to go back to Nanna's house so we gave her a lift to the station and ploughed on to town. I wish to play Augustus Gloop at the up coming Roald Dahl day so we tried Primark for the blue jacket he wears. This reasonably priced clothing outlet had a strange aroma and displays of Wrong Direction memorabilia but we fitted in with the clientele and bought a denim shirt thing with big pockets so I can have bars of chocolate sticking up out of them.
In Sainsbury's we found unknown film "Die Hard" which Jof has recommended for my consumption.
For the exercise part of the day we cycled to the Pyramids (still not open) and threw rocks near the fishermen and had ice creams. At Canoe Lake the Portsmouth Model Ship society or similar was having a big re-enactment in which several wooden warships of the Royal Navy pummelled a French fortified port until it raised the white flag which is second nature to our Gallic Garlic-crunching buddies.
wooden ships recreating a battle on Canoe Lake Southsea
The ships all had guns which were very loud and quite a crowd gathered to see the victory and hear that Britons shall never ever be slaves, although if Scotland wins independence, this protection may no longer apply to them and they may find themselves enslaved by aliens or something. In the swingpark next door a 5 year-old girl asked us repeatedly which one of us was a big sh*tty-head. The things these young people say nowadays.
At home what else could we do but eat Erin's scrumptious birthday cake and watch Die Hard. I want to be an FBI agent, preferably one that arrives in a helicopter. Poor old Jof didn't get back from Nanna's place until 915.

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