Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Raining Champagne in my Brain

neurotic illogical woman problem funny flowchart
lego model 60058 land rover jeep 2 jet skiToday I took my bugs in resin into school.
american selfie woman in purple pays $20,000 for third breast get your ass to marsEver since we found this display case of petrified arthropods of impressive size, I've been able to win any show'n'tell or bring'n'burble. In that regard it has proved quite similar to The South Sea Bubble, which was a parrot owned by my Aunt, who I lived with.
The power supply was back on again, for how long nobody knows.
I chose to Minecraft instead of go to the adventure playground, because now that Microsoft have bought it, some kind of pay-per-brick scenario may be on the cards. Or tiles.
Anyway I bring you the latest of my Bribery Lego, can't even remember why I deserved the double jet-ski truck combo.
And far more importantly, I read that a Florida woman has paid twenty grand to have a third breast implanted. She hopes to get her own TV show. Get your ass to Mars, Baby!

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