Friday, 5 September 2014

Chomping Trash (and making a splash)

sausage time for pet dogs funnySettled down now into being last out of the classroom at going-home time, one could argue that it's because I am keen on schoolwork and unwilling to leave.
Finally I had enough time to finish off my Lego Movie Trash Chomper.
lego trash chomper and garbage lorry 70805 garbage man dan grant gordon zolaThis unreasonably priced child's brick-based assembly set has been in my possession for 5 whole days but I've not had a minute to build it. Forget ye not that the Lego Millennium Falcon (120 of your Earth pounds) took me a mere 6 hours to construct, so 5 days is frankly poor in comparison.
Also we admired the fruits (spoils) of our summer holidays in the form of biscuits, clotted cream fudge and overwrought chocolates, some of which are for Erin's birthday and PuddleParty tomorrow. I too cannot believe it's been 4 'yurs' since we all left nursery together.
explosion museum ministry of food chocolates submarine museum fudge wookey hole clotted creamIn this eclectic (and epileptic) selection you will see:
Dona Jimena Spanish chocolate assortment (from Majorca), Stonehenge chocolate tiles, Ministry of Food chocolate from the Explosion museum, Submarine Museum clotted cream fudge (fudge-packed by genuine submariners), Wookey Hole fudge (very chewy) and Stonehenge Biscuits (rock hard).
At swimming 3 of the teachers were retiring so after the usual front crawl relay/float board relay/backstroke relays, we had a diving competition.
Now it just so happens that recently I underwent (and underwater) an intensive water-skills course in Majorca taught by Bud. Thus my arrow dive (so named because you cut through the water like a phlebotomist's hypodermic needle) won the competition outright. I skimmed the bottom of the pool and resurfaced further, faster and with more style than the Silver Hatters who are 2 levels above me! Roll on the next summer holidays, for I might qualify as a helicopter pilot, anaesthetist and cave diver!
How many Mexicans does it take to change a lightbulb? Just Juan.

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