Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Park and Sail (not Park and Ride)

'Bak to Skool' say the signs in every shop window, although, for my money, that suggests the signwriters and Bill Posters himself need to go back to school.
All this of course means that the much vaunted Year 4 has begun after only 6 weeks off, how am I supposed to relax in so short a time, a mere 1.3% of my life.
I've got the same teacher as last year but a whole new load of classmates. My England hat got nicked on the first day and straight after assembly my finger got trapped between the swinging doors and I left my first day howling, remind me not to go to the Broken Spoke bar.
portsmouth watersports centre sailing clubBut they have a new method of encouraging good behaviour - the house-point lottery. Every time you're good, you get a house point and now you get a raffle ticket that goes into the big bran tub of doom and some winners are drawn out of the hat at term-end, I suspect, for prizes and sweeties.
Well, it was Wednesday so I attended Wednesday Park and met LittleMax and Owen and Charlie and we played little football until Ben arrived and then we had to play big football. Earlier this week, a chap in the park asked a couple of the schoolgirls if he could see their knickers in return for a £10 note. Gosh, we must live in a really classy and rich area if they're offering tenners!
sailing students in lifejackets portsmouth watersports centreThen we cycled up to the Sailing Club and everyone was reading their new Sailing log books with added certificates and badge level attainment charts! I just had to have one.
langstone harbour portsmouth watersports centreToday I was paired up with a 14 year-old who is on, like, level 10 so I learnt a lot from him. Erin and Ben and James were in the other craft but there was absolutely no wind so we drifted around slowly, they even got their rigging tangled with a rival yacht! We sat motionless on the water and watched a beautiful sunset through the trees.
After a while, the 3-man boat started paddling and there might have been a bit of splashing and retaliation and a clap round the chops so they were not all happy, but this is par for the course, because when 3 or more of us are gathered together, we don't always recite the parrot sketch. Us 2 capsized twice, he's heavy enough to right the boat by standing on the centreboard so we were just doing it for the fun. Lots to log in my new book ...

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