Monday, 15 September 2014

Random Access Mammaries

wonder of windows crashing funny fail at baseball stadiumToday some workmen came to our school and installed some new playground equipment in our schoolyard!
triple hoop basketball game school playgroundWe've got 2 big metal football goals right in front of the big windows of the computer department so expect windows to crash regularly Aahaha and 2 giant basketball poles that are 17 feet too high for little people like us but very swish.
card and gift shop birthday card selectionOne is a monopole but the one outside my classroom is a tripole with 3 baskets pointing to all 3 points of the compass, er.
But we diverted on the way home to the charity shop where I got a Lego car for 20p and the card shop, just in case anyone important to me is turning 53 again any time soon.
I liked the way the card-racks were separated off into 'Female Relations', 'Male Relations' and 'Improper Relations'.
Later Jof phoned and reminded me about homework. This is an advert for Chessington World of Adventure wildlife park, and it's all about descriptive words tempting you to visit, ie use of language in advertising.
I am tasked with memorising the whole thing: so I learned the first 2 paragraphs, declared that I'd do the rest tomorrow, and performed what little I could remember while swaying, scratching, pulling up my shirt and everything else 8 year-olds do when reciting.

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