Friday, 12 September 2014

Snakes in my Brain

man falls through thin ice into lake funnyToday was Roald Dahl Day. Most people came in costume including the teachers who came as Oompa Loompas. Miss M is quite used to ignominy and ridicule, being a Wrong Direction fan, so dressing as an Oompa Loompa was practically par for the course.
We had a chocolate fountain and we were all allowed to dip one marshmallow in it and our class was allowed to dip 2, don't tell anyone.
We took Football Harry home today and I regaled him with tales of guns'n'bombs all the way home, but conflated all of my most recent films into one great big action movie ...
shirtless boy and giant lego collection boss from monsters inc"And the terminator kicked a desk through the window and shot lots of bombs at the police cars and when the alien ran away into the forest he took the big gun off the dead geezer and totally mowed down the jungle with the Gatling and the machine gun with the grenade launcher on top and he said that's a nice suit it'd be a shame to ruin it at christmas and shot him in the head and they fired 2 rockets at the tank 'cos they were all ex-super army but you have to be careful or you'll crack the dome and all the atmosphere will get out and ...." If you can just imagine all this at top volume for 600 yards with quite spitty machine-gun noises, you'll guess how chuffed Harry was.
We headed straight for the Lego Room and made a Lego Hero Army With More Legs Than You Would Expect and had lots of fun until HarrysMum arrived with Baby Felix who stumped around in his nappy and took a liking to my cuddly snake and had a right old fit when it was taken from him at going-home time.

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