Wednesday, 17 September 2014

True Artists aren't in it for the Monet

lego docks with police boat and rocket launchersseconds? no i'm stuffed teddy bear funnyJofs' birthday at last! I know she looks forward to it so I brought her a birthday balloon. OK so it was the one I saved from Erins' party, but it still says happy 9th birthday.
Today the Prodigal Sun returned so we picked Ben up from school and all went sailing, an hour earlier than usual, for Daylight Shaving Time which is something done by American men and Catholic women.
childhood friends in wetsuits and buoyancy aidsBut first we got some quality Lego-time in, having elected not to go to the park at all. We made a city with dock and Police boat with rocket launchers.
portsmouth watersports centre sailing lessonsAt sailing there weren't so many of us so it was 2 to a boat and we all got towed out into the creek by the motor launch and did theory and practical for a while.
Then we were cut loose and [Ben and Johnny] capsized immediately. Then we all got the hang of it again and sculled up and down doing groovy turns. There were a few collisions and some random adults were doing paddle-boarding nearby and they looked quite bizarre first kneeling, then standing on their boards in formation.
After sailing it was still Jofs' birthday so we had a slap-up meal in the Harvester although nobody actually got slapped, but we all got full.

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