Thursday, 11 September 2014

Well spin my Nipple-nuts and send me to Alaska

bayeux tapestry star wars funny cartoonGoodbye to Richard Kiel (Jaws of Bond inter alia) who died yesterday. I met him a year ago at a Sci-Fi convention where he strangled me and signed a picture. I see there's another nerd convention next month in Southampton so I'll go and see whose autographs I can get: if any of the Red Dwarf Crew or Star Wars actors subsequently die, it's not my fault.
They have a Terminator exhibition.
autumnal park sceneToday in school we did science and literature. This may not sound plausible but let us not forget that Louisiana combined their religious and science textbooks into one bible, saving lots of money on printing costs. We poured water from vessels of different sizes down a tube to see how far it would get. As the emptiest vessel, I was chosen to run along the pipe to see how far the slosh went, so I was tired by the end of the day.
Nevertheless, I opted to take a football to the park and LittleMax and Football 'Arry joined me and we both played against 'Arry because he's much better and we lost the ball in the hollybush and sent LittleMax's grandma out onto the pavement to find it but it blew down out of the tree anyway.
I hurried back to watch the promised Phineas & Ferb Star Wars Crossover Episode. It was totally epic with far more sly references than I'll ever spot.

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