Sunday, 21 September 2014

Singing in C sharp

horizones and swimming pool havant leisure centreToday was a lazy day to make up for yesterday, we all deserved it. But we did have to go shopping even though nobody wanted to, Jof offered me a miniature golf but I elected to go swimming. I had to be told off 5 times for singing.
By the time we'd made it to Havant Leisure Centre (where I had my last birthday party) there was only 45 minutes of swimming time left but that was enough. The diving board was broken which was a shame but I can dive off the side perfectly well.
Later we looked up Die-cast miniatures (all the burnished copper pencil sharpeners I have in my collection) and discovered some crowd in the Netherlands who have 450 of them. The motorbike is #9629 so there might be nearly ten thousand different models for me to get. I may never complete the collection, but might have to buy a dedicated display cabinet.

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