Saturday, 27 September 2014

Failed Under Continuous Testing

A relaxed start to the day and then into town for shopping. But as it was for my benefit, I didn't mind. Sports Direct have many sporty items and I found some wetsuit gloves to keep my poor little fingers from freezing, and little wetsuit booties as well. I wanted big clumpy boots for sailing but apparently I'm not going to be bought expensive boots just for immersing in seawater. Outside the shop, a chap stopped us and opened his rucksack and said look what I've got 'ere mate, pucker gear, offering hooky perfume for less than shop prices. What is this, Peckham High Street? Still, Jof bought me a toastie sandwich in Marks & Spencer (I am a frequent flyer there) and then I was good enough to get a slice of the 'Cake of the Month', so big it had chocolate all over its chocolate.
Bud got me a random bag of Lego from a charity shop and Jof drove off to Nanna's house again. That's when Ben said hello from the other side of the road and we took in the poor abandoned waif and we played Lego Attack for ages, like, 2 hours, which is all we ever wanted. Even the offer of free ice cream didn't prise us from our lair.
dining table with lego flats glued down for lego building area
The latest project is a tower I can fit into (again) so we played bases and armies with the outsize Lego charity shop girl playing the role of the enemy. She has articulating ball and socket joints so you can move her into all sorts of compromising positions, mm.
Then Jof rang from Arundel railway station to say the car had broken down irreparably and she was waiting for the tow truck. Once she'd waited for an hour and a half the truck man said well actually the exhaust pipe has a hole in it so it sounds bad but actually you're fine so Jof carried on and had a cup of tea at Nanna's house, should have been 7 pints of Chateau Grinderneuf if you ask me. She also very deliberately and loudly said with careful enunciation that I should not be watching Killing Movies for a while so I looked through the selection of new films and chose 'Eraser' with Arnold S in one of his less memorable but highly clich├ęd films. OK, so we had to go back a few times and have Mafia 101 and Treachery 101 and stuff but I loved it and had bath fizzer night with "Granny takes a Dip" which is a multi-coloured fizzer from Lush right next to M&S. If you think your life is good, you are wrong, sorry old chap. Mine is better.

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