Friday, 19 September 2014

Will you accept an IOU written on a napkin?

meon school milton portsmouth raising money for school fundsSo the Haggis-wearing Sporran-eaters have decided to keep the family together and ElisabethsDad doesn't have to get deported. Expect to see "Scottish Constitution, never used" on sale in the freeads soon.
At kick-out time some trestle tables were set up in the playground with a plethora of cake-y delights. Of course, if you don't know in advance, and you don't bring any money you cannot partake.
At swimming I now enjoy showing off my 'Arrow Dives' where the body is straight and cuts through the water like ... a machete through a zombie. This time I was so penetratingly efficient my trunks came off and my willocks were exposed. I managed to pull them back up before I surfaced, apparently it's a good jape for a visual laugh the first time.
When we got home. Jof had already been, showered and gone out with the girlies for drinkies, champagne at the castle, how swish. We watched Schwarzenegger in 'Red Heat', not his best and full of fast-talking wisecracks but I liked the bus chase.

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