Friday, 26 September 2014

Something for the Weekend, Sir?

trolling motorbike rider with red smoke flare funnyJof had a day off today so you think I'd be able to go in late. But no, she told me off for not eating breakfast, for not doing my teeth and for putting my shoes on the wrong feet.
match attax! card collection spread out over floorSo I sulked all the way there, which was at least quieter for her.
Then it was dull dull dull until we took Harry home and we shot each other and did Lego and ate choc biscuits and ran around slamming doors which is because we're boys and you lot exist only to serve us, don't forget it.
At the last minute I realised that Harry was a Match Attax! card collector and offloaded half of my collection (of last years' cards) onto him.
Not only is Jof leaving us tomorrow, she is going out with the work girlies tonight as well, I feel a double film night coming! I chose 'Highlander' (there can be only one). OK, so we had to have several toilet and plot-explanation breaks but once I'd pinned down who was who and appreciated the dual-time slot storyboard, I got right into it and after my shower we had a massive fight where pillows took the place of swords and it was every man for himself and I came away with only neck scars and he had jaw injuries and liver cirrhosis and who's counting.

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