Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Crossing over the Jupiter Sands

Tegan Victoria Bree birthdayWell it was Wednesday Park again so we took a football that was too big for our skill levels and toe-busted our way to victory.
sailing lessons at portsmouth watersports centreLittleMax joined me and we ganged up on Bud but he flicked me in the ear in return for me kicking him in the willy, quite an unjustified over-reaction so I sulked on the ground for 20 minutes.
tudor sailing club portsmouth yachts in langstone harbour
Cycling to Sailing, Ben and Erin passed us in their steely chariots, must drive there next week. We were all changed and ready nice and early and the tutors sorted the boats out for us to maximise our sea-time. Oscar and Johnny and James joined us.
But the lowest tide of the year is tomorrow and today's was pretty low and still receding so in the end we couldn't put the keels down and had to go back to dry land. So we didn't even cross the Jupiter Muds.
black rabbit in farlington marshes nature reservetutorial classroom at portsmouth watersports centreMeanwhile our tame photographer had cycled all the way round to Farlington Marshes nature reserve to take pictures of us from another angle but we were all inside the clubhouse by then, only the Tudor Sailing club were out on the water and that's because they've got the little baby bathtub boats with no keels. Here is a denizen of the nature reserve, not much good for the first of the month.
Ben and others had mudfights and got into trouble and then he stepped out of the shower-room and waved his willy and we all laughed. So we went into the classrooms and learned about wind direction and filled in forms about parts of the boat and played hangman and when the tutor went out of the room some of us hid under the chairs and made dens but Erin and I worked.
My hangman word was Jib Sheet and nobody got it, they all got well hung even with an extra bloke operating the trapdoor lever.

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