Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Drum-head ceremony

child on leash but dog in backpack failLast week I officially gave up the guitar because I can't handle homework. Surely something like that should be instilled by lessons alone without filling up my sofa-time, and I've got no free time after school anyway.
Today at school one of the teachers did a big drum solo to drum up support for drum lessons and Bo had a go and he was nearly as good as the adult and I asked Bud if I could go to drum club and he said no! I couldn't believe it. Surely drums would be fine because you can't do homework unless you buy me a drum set and I've got all that free time after school to fill up ...
hilsea lido swing park by moatJof had to go back to Nanna's house today and go to her Uncle Ron's funeral, not a happy task so soon after saying goodbye to Nanna.
Today is Erin's actual birthday and she got a Chopper bike, I'll have to have a race with her. We managed to fit in a trip to Hilsea Lido Park where I got sand in my shoes and impressed all the little people with my ability to slip over on the wobbly bridge.

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