Sunday, 28 September 2014

Estaad Ovito

free spinning roundabout in parkMassive lie-in today, so much that we actually missed breakfast time at Sainsburys.
So Jof is away at Nanna's place cleaning it and emptying it out for the new owners. This does not mean we get out of going shopping so we visited Unexpected Horse Park (East Lodge Recreation Ground, Farlington) where we saw the horses as expected but didn't feed them. The fact that the unexpected horses are now predictable poses a challenge to their own existence in reality, be careful or they might vanish in a puff of logic.
So I did the roundabout and Ben might, just might, have been playing football in the field next to it but I don't think so. Then came the wheeze, the jape and the brainwave. Why don't I order breakfast at the café in the supermarket, and eat it while he does the shopping? So I did that. But we'd missed breakfast because it was 1145 so I had fish fingers which were undersized, probably global warming or something.
mountbatten portsmouth swimming pool fitness centreThe nice lady asked how old I was but they weren't age-restricted fish fingers, she just wanted to know if I'd be naughty and throw my food or similar. I was good and finished it, but the boy at the next table turned out to be the bad one, running around screaming out of control.
Jof wasn't due back for hours so I demanded satisfaction which turned out to be a cycle ride to the Mountbatten Centre and 2 hours of swimming, diving and underwater handstands. It was like Mallorca all over again and strenuous exercise to boot, not that we had a boot. We did quite a lot of pushing each other in, which is against the rules and I sang my special song "Estaaad Ovito" over and over for half an hour while doing the stick-your-tush-out wiggle dance to infuriate him.
When we got home I made Jof play Lego with me while he ran 10 miles, she wasn't really in the mood but I didn't notice. I had lunch at 530.

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