Saturday, 6 September 2014

Mittendorf Dots and the Older Woman

specsavers portsmouth eye test for kids found mittendorf dotsUp nice and early and then off to town for an eye test. While accompanying Bud to his eye test last month, I failed to read the "No smoking in this building" sign so was duly booked in for my own.
Well the chap was very nice and I sat in the chair and wore the stupid glasses and read out the letters on the board and my right eye is fine and my left eye is just a little bit Lopez but not bad enough to warrant glasses.
fruit cake with half cut figs birthdayThen he looked deep into my eyes with the lens with light attached and said goodness me, Mittendorf Dots. Bless you, I said. These are little congenital cataracts left over from when the Hyaloid artery is reabsorbed after birth. So I'm a freak after all, no operation required but it's something to keep an eye on, aha. He was very pleased with himself for spotting them.
birthday party silliness balloons in shirtsSo next week is Roald Dahl day and I am going to go as Augustus Gloop, with a blue jacket and cushion stuffed up my shirt. We tried 5 charity shops on the way home, no jackets whatsoever unless I'm a fifties-something female with a penchant for gold braiding.
However I did find Die Hard with a Vengeance AND Red Heat AND Terminator 3 so rather a good haul. Jof says Red Heat is possibly the worst movie ever made, which is a bit rich coming from her considering she likes things like Love Actually and Sliding Doors.
Today is the PuddleParty marking Erin's 9th birthday. We walked round and oscillated between sitting quietly in front of the TV and bombing around the house with balloons stuffed up our shirts. Are we getting more or less easy to control?
Erin found and served up the Stonehenge biscuits and I got to bed near midnight.

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