Thursday, 4 September 2014

Die, Fledermaus

jedi powers telekinesis to turn lights off without getting out of bed funnyI'm back to my old habits of getting out of school last, my excuse yesterday was the trapping-fingers-in-door one, but today was simple honest chatter.
On the way home we saw an old bloke at the crossing decide to cross when it wasn't his turn. The first car round the corner braked suddenly to avoid killing him, and a taxi went in the back of it. The old bloke wandered off and left them to it.
boy hunting mice behind the fireplaceThursday is a bona fide day off for me, so we made some hard decisions. I have so many activities that I barely have time to draw breath. Guitar lessons/practise is one of those, and my heart just isn't in it any more. So we bagged up the instrument and we will save £20 per half-term on lessons. I'll take it in on Tuesday and give it to the school pro bono publico.
Loom-banding was a big craze last term, and I have many looms and bands in a wide spectrum of pastel and groovy hues. But after sailing and guns and bombs and stuff, I've lost interest, after all, it is for girls.
boy hunting mouse holes in skirting board behind tv setEvery now and then, we get a mouse at home. After us chaps have gone to bed, Jof stays up playing HayMaker or knitting quietly, and out he comes, tours the lounge and hoovers up the biscuit crumbs that I left earlier.
So clearly we leave special blue barley out for the hungry little beggar, and he eats that too. But in the last few days, he's given up coming out for his evening walk, possibly because he's eaten all the blue food and there's none left. So Jof told us to go hunting for little stiff mice, habeas corpus and all that.
We looked behind the TV, just a lot of cables.
We looked behind her wool collection, and Yea, there were the chewings of the blue barley and some mouse poo. But no corpse was forthcoming so we refilled all the poison pots just in case, and went to the park to play football, stopping off to bequeath my Loom-band collection to Pops. She looked very pleased and Bud said you should get some serious snogs there but I'm too shy.
In the park I played football with Owen and an old Wimbornian, all 3 shirtless. I was gratified to see that I was not the fattest. Later I actually got some Lego-time, making the most of my only day off.

Here is a free 2015 Calendar (UK) year planner in Excel format, in case you have to plan your life around one of us angels.

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