Sunday, 31 August 2014

How is that even possible?

super long receipt from months shopping at tesco extra havantLazy day, being the last of the summer holidays. I wanted to go to the splashpark and kill people with my Spanish water guns but apathy took over and we played Hayday instead.
In 2 months I have my Kiddie Fun-run (1.5 km) so Jof took me jogging in the park and we went round a few times and invented a game where one person climbs the obstacle course in the swingpark and the other tries to knock them off with the football.
But I suppose the silliest thing of the day was the Tesco receipt from our shopping trip, 175 items, £317. Everything had run out at once and so we just bought everything: in addition Jof kept going off with a basket and buying things she thought Bud would have forgotten so we are OK for laundry liquids and potatoes, very strong on toothpaste and will next need to buy deodorant in February.

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