Friday, 1 August 2014

Sent for a Long Weight

forklift truck driver hits top of articulated lorry entry bay and soaks himselfUp earlier than one would expect, because a week off with Jof is a relaxing affair rather than the whirlwind of bike rides and "Things to do, Places to go" of a week with Bud.
That said, really we're just waiting for the dreaded phone call from the nice people looking after Nanna, and nobody likes doing that.
So in the end we did a charity shop drive-by dumping to clear our hallway which has been a slalom-course of potential donations for too long. Because he was getting extra pairs of glasses (amazing how many pairs die when you're beered up and beaten up by kiddies) Jof took me to swimming but didn't watch me being awarded the certificate for going up to the next group.
This picture may seem pointless but it's the only way to demonstrate the new 'Marseilles/Tuscany distressed kitchen island" that we bought. It's really not that distressed. It's quite relaxed.
bespoke wooden kitchen units cotswold furniture co granite worktop kitchen island
The drawers and little Rattan basket thing all go right through - so you can push-me-pull-you from either side. This gives an opportunity to trap someone's fingers which is exactly what Jof did with one of the delivery men, he said "κηροπήγια!" in Pomeranian, because he wasn't English. His workmate sympathized "দরিদ্র পুরানো মোমবাতি" in Dogtanian, because he wasn't English either. The worktop is granite and shiny.

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