Monday, 25 August 2014

Jet Stream of Consciousness

schwarzenegger in total recall and the lego movie dvdsUp at 10am, I've pretty well settled on 10am as a rising time, why not, and a very gentlemanly time it is too, at least ErinsMum wasn't laughing at me this time, and I had chocco rice pops because I always ask for omelette but never finish it 'cos I'm so slow and it's all gone cold, and Jof did writing to people and used up all our stamps, it's amazing how many people you have to write to when your Mum dies, not looking forward to that at all so he said come and tidy your room so I can hoover, and that is a major undertaking I can tell you, for few kids have as much Lego as me and you know when you really really need the end bit of the jet plane because it's a funny shape and it's always at the bottom of the 4th massive tub of Lego bits in the IKEA drawers so you have to turf the whole lot out onto the floor well anyway, after only half an hour we could see the floor again and he hoovered around me as I tried out all the felt tip pens from that big pencil case you always have to carry around in the car when you're 6 and most of them had died so the bin got very full and then we were onto the shelves and holy moley, there was all sorts going for bin or recycling like my cardboard Roman shield, took me ages to make that, but it was so last year and don't talk to me about the clay chameleon painted in all colours of a rainbow on acid because I did it in Year 1 and you're always a bit dodgy artistically when you're 5 so it was a good job jobbed and I celebrated cleaning my room with an extra long session of Minecraft, who's counting, because it rained all day for that is the tradition on a Bank Holiday Monday and it was actually dark so we had the light on and the CENTRAL HEATING CAME ON automatically, you can't tell me that's right 'cos it is in fact the summer holidays so I just wore pyjamas all day and we saw Toy Story and Monsters University and then had the promised Film Night which was Total Recall and then the Lego Movie, a classic combination that go together like sardines and double glazing, don't know why we didn't think of it before, I liked the bit with the hologrammatic wristband and Jof thinks that Kuato saying open your mind and taking the bug out of his skull was yucky but I didn't, she must be a girl or something, I didn't even have a shower today, what a slob.

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