Saturday, 23 August 2014

Noo Shooz, ooo

bransbury park play area portsmouthWoken up by ErinsMum who banged on our door at 10am to laugh at us for still being in bed. Most unfair.
clarks shoe shop arundel street portsmouthBy noon I was persuaded to go out and do a park or two, I have to keep Buds' strength up so he can continue to launch me through the air into the swimming pool and also pull me out of said pool so I can be launched again.
So we were just doing chin-ups in Bransbury Park when he kicked me back and I went into a sulk of impressive longevity, as part of my practise for being a teenager. Well, that got me some more Minecraft anyway.
But the scourge of my life (shopping) came round again because, against all expectations, I have grown and need some new school clothes, shoes and trousers.
So I chose some boring black school shoes, some boring plimsolls and a splendidly natty pair of trainers that look like football boots in Brazilian colours. A mere snip at £72 for the 3 pairs.
blue football boy in brazilian football shoesI like Marks and Spencer but didn't get to eat a toastie sandwich this time, something about a diet. And I got a blue football so we tried it out in the park, I showed off my moves and Jofs' foot hurt and I can't chip this ball very well.
Jof was supposed to go out with her work girlies but they couldn't even decide what pub to meet in to discuss what pubs to go to, so they're not going out. Film night (Schwarzenegger in Total Recall) will have to wait. For the salient part of Saturday night, Jof and I sat on the sofa in silence playing on our respective tablets while Bud sat in the office cataloguing his artillery shell collection. Rock'n'roll, baby.
Later I had the first bath fizzer night in ages and beat StupidHead with my new tactic of simply pushing him against the wall so he couldn't fight back.

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