Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sex, Lego and Videotape

unrequited love affair princess funny fail with tetris cartoon
A relatively normal start to the day as Jof is back with us. We walked to the bus stop. I made Jof carry my rucksack.
Today we did more of those outside activities I've been so looking forward to.
Raft Building. Ours was rubbish. There was a fundamental design flaw with the barrels the wrong side of the transverse support struts and we failed. It was not river-worthy, although possibly worth £250 from Stupid-videos-R-us. I went in the river anyway.
Den Building. Ours was epic. Tasked with making a defensive structure against animal attack, we made a frame of branches and then obtained our secret weapon from the river. Lilypads are very useful rooftiles because they have little dangly-down handles (stems) and are waterproof. Secure in our camouflaged hideout, we bivouacked for several minutes, brandished sharpened sticks against the alleged leopards and found a crab net in the river which we cleverly transformed into a bear trap.
Fire Building. I have extensive arson experience so we designed a cellular fireplace with log surround and lit it with actual flint and steel. Eventually we doused it but had lots of fun getting muddy first.
Once the coach had delivered me back to civilisation, we dutifully followed it right back up the road and drove to gymnastics. I really must have a rest sometime.
low value euro currency coins sorted into bagsThis isn't just any old pile of loose change.
For years we have been keeping all our euro-shrapnel and now have this impressive coin collection. OK, so mostly it's only enough to buy a few ice creams but our evil plan is to heavily tip the first deserving waiter we see about £4 in copper, and then maybe make a parking meter really happy.

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