Saturday, 2 August 2014

Citibreak@the Glue Factory

gun deck museum eastbourne Nanna is on the way out. Like Blind Uncle Len and Grandma before her, I have been informed of the situation and am not distressed, just realistic. But only 6 months ago I gave her 5 years, seems my prediction has not come true. We packed an overnight bag and drove to her place.
Met "Eastbourne Traffic". This is like normal traffic but travels at 18mph. Jof went into Nanna's nursing home and checked out the lie of the land but wouldn't let me see her in case I was disturbed, and I've seen Predator.
So she stayed with Nanna and I took Bud to the seafront. Eastbourne is a traditional seaside town with promenade and pier and old houses and bags (literally) of elderly residents.
There is a funpark thing called Treasure Island but we didn't have time for fun so we ate at 'The Beach Deck' which took absolutely ages, further reducing our playtime.
nhbc brick built house with loft insulationSlightly west of this location is the Redoubt. This is a round fortress built in 1807 with a few caissons and a decent gun deck and heavily fortified ladies toilets and a 68 pounder gun. It is not a patch on the fortresses we have around Pompey but it was built for the same reason, just when diminutive dictator 'Napoleon Bonaparte' was flexing his little military muscles.
standard garden shed with blue plastic sheeting on floorWe climbed the cannons and bought some stuff in the shop but the museum was £8 and we only had 4 minutes left so we didn't do it. When we picked Jof up she said that Nanna was mostly whimpering and had only said 2 things that made sense all day which were let me go and make it stop. I won't be seeing her again.
chinese restaurant golden buddha statue stone cross polegateBack at her house we started clearing up and borrowed a torch to go in the loft but there was only 1 suitcase and 5 empty boxes. Because this is an inhabited house, there's an awful lot of stuff. We took a garden fork and spade from the shed (hadn't been opened in ages) still in their original wrappers from when Nanna pulled an insurance scam years ago.
Then Jof went back to hold Nanna's hand and I did Lego and we piled up the unused medicine including 600mg of morphine in case you need to send a rhino to purple sleep-land. We piled up charity-shop bags and recycled opened jars of curry paste from last year and a lot of cup cake cups that shall never be filled.
We nipped to the nearby parks (which have been upgraded) until Jof got back from her second pointless visit and we had Chinese and chips with noodles and giant sausage and then Terminator 2 came on the TV so I was set, what more do you need.

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