Thursday, 7 August 2014

Lord of the Sleepover!

zip with caution don't damage your willyOnly recently I missed the Cub Scouts sleepover at Action Stations at the Royal Naval Dockyard because I was having a long weekend in the rain in Torquay. So I leapt at the chance to stay over at the YMCA and do camping with fires and singsongs and activities and breakfast and hunting your own supper and digging your own igloo or was it latrine and playing a new game called Lord of the Flies.
empty gunnery shell case collectionAnd so it came to pass that we had a family diaspora. Jof was in Eastbourne picking up Nannas' handbag from where she'd died. Bud was in London picking up more artillery shells and I was in Southampton picking up new and interesting phrases from my camp-mates.
I am currently out of Greentooth range (no electricity on the moors) so will have to update my escapades tomorrow.
Continuing my brief rail-related look at Nanna from happier times past, see her feeding me on a surprise visit to her house (I didn't know the train went that far) and doing the special Nanna double-wave watching me on the little train at Marwell Zoo, why have only a single wave when you have 2 arms.
view from train marwell zoo hampshire feeding the kid
This loss leaves Grandad as the last Gran standing, the old son of a Gunner*, and me the head of a very small family.
*His dad was a Colonel in the Royal Artillery, so he fired a lot of guns

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