Sunday, 17 August 2014

A Nasty Little Rash (but I'm not bitter)

soberano bacardi tunel brugal liqueurs from mallorcaI've brought back a nasty little rash from my holiday in Majorca. I am led to believe that this is practically de rigueur, luckily I know that as long as I don't have sand in my swimming trunks it'll go.
A lazy day, we did Sainsburys' and played Lego and watched cricket and played Minecraft and fed chickens on the hayseed farm and did all those little things you do when you've just got back off holiday and you're trying not to think about the funeral.
I have a week of adventure coming up, I wonder if it'll compare to the week I've just had? At least I'll have a friend there.
For want of a better thing, here's the duty free and stuff that the PuddleBartenders will have to deal with. I notice the Brugal Rum has had a nip taken out! Sleep well, everyone...
ps, this blog is 4 years old today

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