Monday, 18 August 2014

Hello Mutti, Hello Vati, here I am at Camp Gelati

nasty boss kid says get in the office or youre fired funnyWe crawled through the traffic to the Watersports Centre and he dumped me with a book of my choice and only £3 in emergency funds after I spent all my previous emergency-only funds on a YMCA wallet, to keep all my emergency money in, er.
camp adventure portsmouth watersports clubMeanwhile, Grandad spent the day at Buckingham Palace, as you do.
At Camp Adventure I did go-karting although I only got to drive once and had to push the Kart for 2 hours. Erin was on my team and I did 6 hours non-stop running around, honest, and was busy happily playing Bunny-Woopsie when picked up. I burst into tears when I got home and duly extracted chocolate, tablet time and a leg rub from Jof who was pleased to see me.
After supper we combined forces to catch a mouse in a dishcloth and just when Bud said look there's its tail sticking out, it escaped.

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