Thursday, 21 August 2014

Goodbye Nanna

four o'clock flower miralilis jalapaGrandad got to us on time as ever and we showed him our new kitchen island and the new bathroom. Then we all drove to Nanna's house and met Jof and wandered around getting in the way. Well, I did, anyway. I played football in the garden destructively and we harvested some seeds from the nice Peruvian flowers that we'd planted ourselves with seeds from our own garden, a nice round trip for them. Jof gave me a real job which was arranging the various small chop (Swahili phrase for finger food buffet-style) on big foil plates and very artistic I was too.
grandson attending committal of dead grandmotherBut the fateful time came around and we all trooped to the crematorium and stood about outside looking lost. There were only a few people any of us had ever heard of and I didn't know anybody but they'd all heard about me. Nanna had a lot of friends and there wasn't enough room in the little side chapel we'd been given for the service. Give it a couple of years and I'll be taller than Grandad.
I didn't get to do anything in the service this time but I did have a cry and we all held hands and Jof did a speech but she was sad and the priest kept banging on about Jesus but it was all over quickly.
Back at the house I'd cheered up and I served out the well-arranged trays and ordered tea and Grandad doled out the wine and bit by bit Jof cheered up and all the old biddies went home and we tidied up, well, I played Minecraft while tidying went on.
The journey home was long and I can't wait to give Jof another hug. We gave Grandad a lift back to our house and he drove onwards to his retirement village, where the people upstairs spotted his arrival and invited him for wine and wine. He woke up in the bath at 0130 ...

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