Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Day I turned out to be the Enemy

groynes and shingle beach eastbourne east sussexGot up slowly in Nanna's house and headed out to our duties in Eastbourne.
Notice the first bit of the pier has burnt down in yet another suspicious arson attack leaving a shell like a birdcage.
We all investigated the nursing home where Nanna is spending her last tortured days. The garden is nice with many named plants and the house itself is huge, an Edwardian edifice in brick with high ceilings and a granny in every room. The hooting-alarum kept going off and many foreign nurses hastened to mollify the geriatric residents. I don't believe any one of the staff is English.
In the lower lounge, 2 old blokes on Hammond Organ and karaoke set played hits of yester-millennium to 3 sleeping cadavers, some, none, or fewer of whom were aware of their surroundings.
royal parade eastbourse sussex outdoor wooden pirate ship play areaNanna is barely recognisable and she didn't know we were there, her unseeing eyes are milky and wild. She does not deserve this and let's hope she has a really big sleep really soon.
As before, Bud and I went to the seafront and got a combo-ticket (£8) to Treasure Island, on Royal Parade. Inside is a sweaty soft-play environment with big slide, micro-kiddie areas, ball pit, all much akin to Pirate Pete's and suchlike ilk. I played attack-chase with some locals and taught them the ways of the big city soft play world.
Once I'd stopped sweating profusely, I took on the role of teacher-sensei at the Pirate outpost. This large external climbing frame adventure playground has a dead pirate ship, zipline, multiple tube slides, rope walkways and wooden mazes. I took command of my own troop (super trouper) of worthy buccaneers and kicked some pirate butt for the rest of the 2 hour slot.
deceased estate stone cross polegate house clearanceAmazingly, my team turned out to be the bad people, but then, every girl likes the bad boy. At 3pm we had to rescue Jof from sitting with Nanna, who is a shadow of her former self and can never play sillies with me again.
Part of the Treasure Island setup is a mini-golf (£9). It looks worth it, so the next time we're here, I'll get me some golfing action and check out Princes' park and Fort Fun (can't tell whether it's mat slides or water slides at this distance) and the land train.
We made a big old pile of charity stuff and salvage goods and tip items and then we had to go home because I'm on YMCA duty tomorrow. Jof stayed because she has to talk to all the official people tomorrow. We hugged lots.

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