Wednesday, 13 August 2014

En Agua Caliente

danone kids yogurt lid charactersEvery day I have a kiddie yogurt. On the inside of the lid of the bright pink mini-pot is a series of pictures called "Las Profesiones De Danonino".
We are led to assume that Danonino is a cartoon caricature of a duck, although in some images he has a distinctly tortoise-like appearance. Each one of the profesiones comes with a big capital letter, the job title and the duck in question performing some work-related task.
We have had Astronauta, Dentista, Chofer and Yogurtera, and I hope to own the whole collection one day.
Today I actually managed to get to a Maxi-Club on time. Amazingly, the named activity was an excursion to Cala Mondrago beach to play games, a location it took us a mere 6 hours to reach yesterday on the boat without end, and that was with me driving.
starfish pleasure boat trips mallorcaWhile waiting, we were overcome by noxious fumes - it was septic tank emptying day. The combined effluvium of several hundred Germans was not fun. We walked through the Mondrago National Park down the same track the horses use (leaving little clues piled up) and I made sandcastles in the same place I made them yesterday.
When I got back, Jof was doing Aquarobics where a thin blonde jumped up and down poolside while lots of (mostly) women tried to copy them in the water. I joined in with gusto and laughter but Bud didn't.
hotel activities in main pool majorcan holiday all inclusiveAfternoon Maxi-Club was a complicated game where you slide counters over targets like shove Ha'Penny only bigger and with forfeits. Guess what, old Muggins had to jump into the pool fully clothed 4 times!
But while I was doing that, the olds walked to Cala Mondrago beach to talk about Nanna and found a new swimming pool with 2 levels in a bit of hotel we didn't know was there. I shall have to invade it.
I came second in the Shove Giant Counter game so I shall get a medal from Stella and Starky the enormous animated bits of badly cut mango! Plus I met Little Carrot. After ice cream we had a 3-way waterfight and it rained.
majorca holiday kids prizegiving ceremonyThe wind was strong and blew lots of Bougainvillea flowers into the pools and made us cold. At supper I had all of the seafood items: Bud says that makes me a prawn star. The man outside didn't give me a free sample of Daiquiri.
The chap hosing the floor poolside said I couldn't pile up the sun loungers to make a viewing platform so I guarded the quadrant at the top of the steps stage left and we sourced some normal chairs instead.
I jumped on Jof when she was sitting down and her chair fatally ruptured so we snaffled another. Eventually the kiddie show finished and I was awarded my real actual metal medal with blue ribbon and a signed certificate, what more could you ask for.
iberotar cala barca mallorcaThe evening entertainment was funny with many songs and film references and the big Polish bloke had to wear false boobies a lot and the very Spanish Fredericos Mercurios had to stand right in our corner and knocked the wine over.
In the last couple of days we have investigated the local environment. One thing is missing - animals. Not including the abundant and arrogant Aryans, we see sparrows and pigeons and the odd seagull but no rats, foxes, badgers, snakes, lizards or Jof's favourite, the skeletally thin ever-hopeful Hotel Stray Cat.
Best I can offer is lots of flies and ants and that centipede I found on my bath sponge.

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