Monday, 4 August 2014

House of Chords

superman funny cartoon In a splendid non-traditional start to the day, I was issued with a rucksack and took a bus to a secret location just outside Southampton.
I have been to the YMCA Camp Adventure week before, but last time I reportedly detached myself from the multi-activity group and joined cutting and sticking instead. No such mistake this time, it was straight into the field for the blindfold obstacle course. You have to hold onto the shoulder in front of you, then a string once you get into the woods and down the ditches and over things and under things.
red traffic lights at crossroads goldsmith avenue winter road priory crescent portsmouthWe also played Map-reading, hunting the hidden object. The girls were rubbish at reading the map and I had to help them.
Then there was Ninja Squirrel. In an insanely complicated game, you all have to hide in plain sight and the Ninja Chipmunk calls out to make you do an animal noise or flap your arms or swap places in order to try and spot you. The first time I was never found, the second I was found straight away. I never got to be Ninja Chinchilla.
I did the usual 20 minutes in the park, this time we found a green pinecone and rolled it down the curly yellow slide because it was a hand grenade.
After supper Jof came home to us and we picked her up from the train station, and I got lots of hugs when I wasn't telling her about my day in great loud detail.

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