Friday, 8 August 2014

Waking up in a Foreign Field Somewhere

gymnast girl in blue bikini does handstand splitsEveryone else woke up today with Friday on their mind, TGI Friday etc. I wake up wanting more of the same. I should like to do the camp sleepover more often and note with interest that I am now old enough to stay there the whole week.
Last night we did many campfire songs and the girls did the pat-a-cake chant and we all went for a walk in the woods with our torches and everyone came back although I did fall over and get stung by nettles.
Lights out was at 10 and we got to play football today before the usual non-sleepover people arrived.
There were Jackson Pollock-style art things where the paint went everywhere and they shut off the tap supply because we were making a mess and the teachers had to dress up in all the clothes from lost property to do their song'n'dance and by the time the day finished I fell asleep on the bus home and they actually got worried because they couldn't wake me up. But Bud still made me go to swimming lessons. Then it rained on me.
And here is the end of the series of Nanna photos, we shall say goodbye to her soon at the funeral. Apart from the special fishing-with-paperclips game she made for me, I shall particularly remember that, for a northern monkey, she sounded normal most of the time unless you put her in the same room as a Geordie, when she would suddenly revert to Trouble at T'mill and put a whippet on me old flat cap when the bwt comes in.
passenger stairs and walkway over polegate station east sussex
family outing on miniature steam train line

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