Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mamading in Majorca

hotel cala barca majorcahotel cala barca portopetro santanyi mallorcaI really didn't want to wake up this morning but the stampede of Germans wielding beach towels going past my window was persistent.
At breakfast we found an unknown pastry item but I had 2 fry-ups anyway. There is a tradition in this family going back decades where we purchase a mask and snorkel every holiday. This is because by the time the next holiday comes around (approx. every 6 years) the previous one has either been left in Sicily, lost, moved house, or is so old the rubber has perished.
hotel pool cala barca majorcaThus we visited the official shops of tat which were excellent.
boy pissing into the seaAll manner of tourist rubbish is available (and we will buy a lot of it) but also seeds of Bhut Jolokia super-chili, palms, cycads and cannabis.
And seashells, fridge magnets, water guns, lighters, local hooch and belts. So we got 2 mask/snorkel sets, a belt, a hat to replace the one that Bud lost on the first day, and we promised to return.
Exploring the rest of the hotel complex, we found the kids club, diving club, many tennis courts, playground, another swimming pool, and an excellent sea view over the cliffs. Jof walked the sensible route home due to flip-flops but I climbed down the cliffs and found some sea caves and prickly rocks and special sunbathing area and the landing stage for the Starfish glass-bottomed cruising boat.
Clearly we had to try the masks so spent 2 hours practising in the pool. After lunch we all walked to the sea and got Jof in the water.

karst landscape cala barca mallorca sea erosion
Ole! He has found an 'ole
She didn't like the seaweed so we only threw a bit of it at her. 

hotel beach cala barca cala d'or mallorca
Once she'd gone back we started Schneurkling and saw lots of fish of many sizes and we found the seagrass beds where the tons of seaweed that clog the beach are produced and we found hermit crabs and went in a sea cave and went out nearly as far as the headland where the water was 30 feet deep.
It was awesome, of course, and I didn't want to go back ever. We found Jof and she'd bought a second water gun and a yellow lilo and a gaily coloured rugby ball which we have named Eleanor Rugby so we played extensively in the Egyptian pool and splashed people on the sun loungers.
starky and stella iberostar cala barca majorcaA diminutive Deutschlander joined in so we shot him as well and for afternoon tea I had the unknown pastry-type delicacy which was extruded dough fried in olive oil. After yet another 5 hours in the water I played with the nob in the shower, as you do.
iberostar cala barca mallorca evening showFor supper I reneged on my promise to try new foods and had pasta and chips. The 4 harem girls finished their tableau just as I got there and we had a game of Top Trumps (armoured vehicles) on the terrace.
One of the military transport vehicles is called the Mungo. While the olds were enjoying the red wine on tap, I went to the very front of the stage and watched the performance transfixed.
iberostar cala barca majorca
I didn't dance along like all the other kids but took it all in. At one point they shoved the microphone in my face and I shouted out Ole! like everyone else so they wouldn't suspect I was an alien sent to this planet to study its weaknesses in preparation for the invasion.
Bed 11pm.
hotel swimming pool at night iberostar cala barca mallorca

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